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Joti jot of Guru Gobind Singh ji (formal) or in other words you can say Guru Gobind Singh ji left his heavenly abode in 1708, at Abchal Nagar Hazur Sahib(Nanded). In physical death we get the died body even after creation we get ashes but nothing was there in this case. Plan of Killing Guru

Weekly programs at Gurdwara Sahib

Daily programs at Gurdwara Sahib

3:30 AM Doors Open
Parkash and Nitnem Punj Banyian
6:00 AM Kirtan of Asa Ji Di Vaar
8:00 AM Katha Hukamnama
9:00 AM – 11:00 AM Kirtan
11:00 AM – 12:00 PM Katha Lariwar
12:00 PM Sikh history by Dhadi / Kavishar
3:00 PM Kirtan
5:00 PM Path Sri Rehraas Sahib
5:45 PM – 6:45 PM Kirtan
6:45 PM – 7:30 PM Katha
7:30 PM Sikh history by Dhadi / Kavishar
9:00 PM Ardaas and Sukhasan

*Schedule is subject to change